What Are the Types of Water Heaters?

Water Heaters

Water heaters are really important for you because in cold weather, you need a reliable water heater that can provide 24/7 hot water. In order to avoid costly repairs, you should carefully select a water heater. There are different types of water heaters available in the market, but you have to consider your budget, electricity cost and various other factors before taking a decision.

Types of Water Heaters

There are three famous types of water heaters that you can buy as per your personal needs:

  • Storage Tank
  • Tankless Water Heater
  • Combination of Water and Space Heating

Storage Tank

If you want a reliable water heater without emergency hot water heater replacement needs, then you can try this heater. A storage tank is available to heat cold water in the tank and it is ready to use anytime. The tank is made of steel and can store almost 113 to 378-liter water. It has a gas burner too. read review here!

This water heater is really simple and cheap because you can use it without any electricity. If you have an electricity shortage in your area or are worried about operating costs, then this will be a good choice for you. It can heat cold water almost two times faster than the similar type of electric heater.

Tankless Water Heater

This is an efficient and tankless water heater to heat water on demand. The unit offers hot water without storing it. You can hang it on the wall and the water flows through the heat exchanger and provides water on demand. However, the tankless unit is really expensive to buy and it’s also complicated to install. There could be a lag time when you turn the tap on before the hot water starts flowing out of the tap.

This efficient water heater will offer you a continuous supply of hot water. It’s 80% more efficient than other heaters and you will not pay any extra cost because it works only at the time of use. It can also save space because you can mount it on a wall and close to the particular point of use. Visit the official website for more information:http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/articles/2015/10/14/how-to-save-when-you-buy-your-next-water-heater


Combination of Water and Space Heating

Water Heaters

The combination of water and space system of heating is an excellent way to get water for your personal needs. It offers you high efficiency and a great storage tank. It supports both tank and tankless water system. It’s energy efficient and reduces your energy bill. It can save space since there is no large furnace to install. This can save cost as well, by reducing the need for maintenance. It has no furnace and its installation cost is fairly high though. If you have a large budget, then you can try this tank and tankless water heater. If you are looking for a highly efficient water heating system, then you should select this water heater. It can meet your hot water demands efficiently.

Troubleshooting Hot Water Heater Issues

Hot Water Heater

Electric water heaters are quite similar to their gas-fueled siblings. These are known as insulated storage containers made of durable steel insulation between the storage tank and jacket. The insulation between the two layers reduces the chance of heat loss of the hot water.

The electric water heater uses upper and lower heating elements that are quite different to a traditional gas burner. The gas water heater is based on the similar heating system used by the gas furnace and electric water heater. The gas or electric heaters are frequently used in homes because of their reliability and good features. These are usually easy to fix, since the water heaters are free from moving parts. Visit this website here!

Common Problems of Electric Water Heater

There are some situations in which you may need an emergency hot water heater replacement or repair:

  • The water is not heating properly.
  • Water is not properly hot.
  • The temperature of the water is too high.
  • The pipe has a leaky connection.
  • The water storage tank has a leakage problem.
  • The water has rust particles and odor of rotten eggs.
  • The rumbling and popping noise is too loud.
  • The droning pitch is really high.

If you find any problem in the tankless water heater, then you need to troubleshoot it promptly, but make sure to follow all important security measures. It’s important to shut off the power to the electric water heater and make sure that the fuse and circuit breaker are also turned off.

Possible Reasons Behind This

  • The insufficient power supply to the water heater is the top cause of tripped circuits or blown fuses.
  • Faulty thermostat can cause problems with the heater.
  • Faults in the upper heating elements of the heater.

Possible Repairs of Faulty Electric Water Heater

Before calling for maintenance, it’s a good idea to reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse first. Continue reading this site for more information: http://www.mykawartha.com/shopping-story/5546606-how-to-know-whether-to-repair-or-replace-your-water-heater/

  • You should confirm that the power is properly supplied to the thermostat.
  • Check upper heating elements and replace them as needed.
  • If power is supplied to the electric heating element thermostat, then you should call a professional.

Possible Reasons behind Insufficient Hot Water

Hot Water Heater

  • The water heater is too small for your heating demands.
  • Faulty cross connections of cold and hot water due to incorrect plumbing installation.
  • Errors in the electric heating elements and thermostat.

Tips to Rectify this Problem

To rectify tankless water heater problems with any type of water heater, you should keep an eye on the capacity of the water heater. If it exceeds the capacity, then the water heater may not work properly. The water heater should always run at a minimum of 75% water of capacity. Check for the cross connections and fix them to avoid insufficient hot water.

Electric Point of Use Water Heaters – Installation Costs and Potential Problems

Electric Point of Use Water Heaters

There are some real benefits of electric points of use water heater system, but some problems are also there. If you want to install a heater, the installation cost can be really high; therefore, you have to plan the plumbing layout of the water heater replacement ahead of time. It can be difficult to deal with the installation points of the water heater because there may be a power shortage in bathrooms. The power can be only 15 Amp near the sink and it will be hard to access any power issues near the sink. As a simple solution, you can drop a wire down from the present outlet.

Electric Water Heater Requires more Power

After getting the power wire down the sink, there is still the 15 Amp requirement to deal with. Only a small point of the used heater requires 1,500 watts that can draw almost 12.5 amps. It will not leave sufficient current, even for a hair dryer. For instance, it typically draws 1500 watts when operating.

The point-of-use water heating system typically has a small gallon tank that may vary between 2.5 to 4 gallons. Only 1,500-watt power can help you heat a significant volume of water rapidly. Anything less is not sufficient to take a shower. If you want to heat water quickly with tankless water heaters, you need almost 40 Amps or more. The cost of heating water will gradually increase and in some parts of the company, the electricity rate system can make things more difficult. The rate of electricity usually starts with 12 cents per kW/h and may increase up to 50 cents per kw/h.

Although the emergency hot water heater replacement can be really efficient, a shortage of electricity can be the cause of an error in their performance. The electric may flow between the heads in the wire and lose energy while converting heat. The connection points in a bathroom can only be 110 volts. If you can get 220, then it will be better.

Enough Power Can be Expensive

Keep in mind that the performance of the water heater is based on the total flow of energy, but it can be difficult to arrange this much energy in your house. The electricity lines typically go through a separate sub panel. The 100 Amps are really not enough and you’ll have to upgrade this service to almost 200 amp. It can be expensive to arrange because the cost of 200 amp is almost $2000 to $2,500. See here for more information at:http://denver.suntimes.com/den-news/7/103/202384/hot-water-heater-install-denver-should-you-do-it-yourself

Electric Point of Use Water Heaters

In the kitchen though, you will find 20 amp circuit breakers and these are sufficient for garbage disposal. The garbage disposal is an electric service that requires the use of small points to give power to water heaters. This is not safe and is against local building codes. If you use the garbage disposal circuit as a water heater replacement, then it can overload the circuit.