Top 5 Common Water Heater Issues

Common Water Heater

The hot water heaters are an important part of your house, but you may not appreciate their contribution to your life until they’re out of order. They work 24/7 to supply hot water to you and your family. There are some problems that may develop in the water heater and if you are unable to deal with these problems, then you may need to arrange Water heater replacement Las Vegas.


Replacement of a water heater can really harm your budget. On the plus side, it’s easy to detect problems in the water heater and then rectify them. Here are some common water heater issues that you should check for before replacing any water heater. It will save your time, money and eliminate a lot of headaches:

Heater is Unable to Provide Hot Water

If your gas water heater is unable to provide hot water, then instead of opting for emergency hot water heater replacement, you should check the pilot light. If it is out, then relight it by following the instructions given in the body of the heater tank. If you are unable to light the pilot, then the problem can be with the gas supply. Check your gas supply or contact your service provider. If the pilot lights, but goes off quickly, then you should check your gas control valve. Get updates now!

Water is Not Sufficiently Hot

If you are unable to find sufficient hot water, then the sediment in the bottom of the tank can be the main culprit. You need to decrease the volume of available hot water.

The damage in the dip tube can also be the cause of insufficient hot water. You have to check the dip tube for cracks and breaks in cold water.
The broken thermostat is another reason of lukewarm water. The outside weather can also impact the performance of your water heater.

Bad Smell of Hot Water

Corrosion in the water heater’s tank can be the reason for a rusty water color and bad smell. The corrosion can affect the tank and anode rods on the walls of the tank. The decaying anodes can create hydrogen gas and release bacteria in the water tank. See for more information.


Noisy Water Heater

Common Water Heater

Before opting for Water heater replacement due to noise, you should check any sediment built up at the bottom of the tank. It may be the cause of overheating while boiling water and can cause lots of noises. There could be calcium carbonate accumulations in the bottom of the heater. Clean it instead of emergency hot water heater replacement.

Leakage of Water Heater

The las vegas water heater may suffer from leakage and there could be different reasons for it. The TPR (temperature pressure relief) valve can be the cause of leakage. If the valve is open or releases water, then excessive pressure can cause leakage. It can be the cause of debris in a water tank.